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We are proud to present Unknown -  a 3D space trader game for iPhone and iPad

Unknown is a retro remake for iOS inspired by the seminal space trader Elite*. For those uninitiated Elite is considered to be one of the most influental computer games ever made. We strive to keep the retro feel of the original game, however our version sports several enhancements such as multiplayer, leaderboard with achievements, buying / changing ships plus more.

If you raise enough money you can even pilot a 125t cargo ship, not to mention the 750t Anaconda. Or you may want to use a lighter ship that's faster and more nimble, but with less cargo space.

How is the game played?

Touch the screen anywhere on a free area to control the ship. For other functions we use an icon system (that can be hidden if preferred) for many of the game controls.


As a first for this type of game we offer 2-4 Multiplayer matches.

Matches integrate seamlessly with single player mode. If you want to play online simple select Quick Match to join any ongoing match that is taking players, or you can set up a Custom match with friends. We leave it up to the players to decide how they want to play (coop or dogfighting), but we have made it easy to locate the other players across the galaxies. There is an onboard chat function should you want to communicate with other players. If you for some reason become disconnected (or disconnect at will) the game instantly returns to single player mode so you can continue playing.

Leaderboards and Achievements

Unknown features two leaderboards: Kills and Cash. Depending on how you play the game you might want to see how you measure up against other players. Unknown also features an achievement system with some hidden achievements -- plus we will be adding more achievements over the time!



Classic Space Trader gameplay

Buy and change ships

Trade goods at different planet system

Upgrade your ship

Multiplayer 2-4 players

Leaderboards and achievements


iOS 4.2 minimum

iPhone 3G but requires at least iPhone 3G S for Game Center features such as multiplayer and leaderboards.

Wifi connection for multiplayer



*Elite is (C) Ian Bell and David Braben